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What's an ecowash?


A waterless car wash & polish (Interior & Exterior)

Unlike traditional car washing processes, an "ecowash" does not require water. Instead, we use a unique 2-in-1 wash and polish technique: our process uses an exclusive polymer compound which lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a lubricant. The dirt is then removed with a soft cloth - all without water and without a scratch!

Your car will look like new again and will stay that way for longer thanks to a protective coating which remains to guard your car from the harmful effects of the environment.

Ecowashing is a full polish and protection treatment, this is not just a wash, it is a polish which offers longer lasting protection than a traditional washing methods.

To keep your car protected and looking its absolute best, we recommend “ecowashing" every 3 to 4 weeks. You can set up a regular booking reminder with ecowash mobile or develop you own personalised ecowash protection (PEP) program to keep your car protected and looking great all year round.

“Quality service at your doorsteps”

Ecowash Packages


Which wash is the best for your car?

Standard Car BHD: 4.5
Medium 4WD BHD: 6
Large 4WD BHD: 7.5
Exterior Wash, Polish Wheels & Windows Trye Dressing.
Standard Car BHD: 8.5
Medium 4WD BHD: 11
Large 4WD BHD: 13.5
A Basic Ecowash + Interior Trims, Windows & Vaccum.
Standard Car BHD: 15
Medium 4WD BHD: 19
Large 4WD BHD: 21
The extreme that includes bumper renovation and mirror finish (inside & out).
Standard Car BHD: 25
Medium 4WD BHD: 30
Large 4WD BHD: 35
The premium Ecowash that includes shampooing and full detailing.
Standard Car BHD: 40
Medium 4WD BHD: 45
Large 4WD BHD: 50
Extreme Ecowash plus wax & machine polishing.
Scooter BHD: 6
Standard BHD: 10
Large BHD: 15

More exciting ecowash mobile service options - Prices starting from...

Carpet/Fabric shampoo BHD: 10+
Leather seat treatment BHD: 10+
Superficial scratch removal BHD: 2.000
Excessively dirty wheels* BHD: 2.000
Headlight restoration BHD: 7.00
Machine polishing & Buffing BHD: 15+

* Included in an extreme ecowash